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7-week entrepreneurship programme

for life science




This programme is unique in that it is based on the principle of individual work with international experts! At the beginning of the programme, we will evaluate the individual needs of your team as you move towards the commercialisation of your idea or research results.


During expert consultations tailored to your team's needs, strategies specified for the development of your idea will be discussed, giving each team a real opportunity to move forward.

Additionally, during the programme, you will acquire knowledge and familiarize yourself with key concepts in business development in the life sciences field, including:

Identifying idea potential
Determining clinical needs
Market and competition analysis
Business models and market entry strategies
Intellectual property protection
Funding opportunities and attracting investments




the commercial potential

of your idea


business development opportunities in the life sciences field


inspiration and knowledge

to develop your idea


feedback from international experts in your field


individually tailored



your idea according to investors standards




January 22nd

to February 18th 23:59


March 6th


March 6th to April 24th


April 24th



This program is intended for master's and doctoral students in the field of life sciences, as well as innovators (in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, bioinformatics, health/medical engineering) who want to assess the commercial potential of their research / idea and gain the knowledge and skills needed for business development.

Applicants should have an idea or research results, technologies with commercial potential they want to validate, understand and speak English fluently and be willing to dedicate at least 5 hours per week to participate in the program, work on strategic assignments, or engage in mentoring and expert consultations.



Stefan Bolleininger_edited.png

Stefan Bolleininger

Regulatory expert (Germany)

Stefan is a regulatory affairs expert at 2AM Health. He is a hands-on expert when it comes to Quality management, Regulatory Affairs and Medical Device Certification. He has a significant number of years of experience in creation and management of quality management systems and auditing, technical documentation, and risk management.

Specialty course: Regulatory CE certification

Fabrizio Conicela.jpg

Fabrizio Conicella

Business and go-to-market strategy expert (Italy)

Fabrizio is a business strategist at 2AM Health providing advisory on go-to-market strategy, business modelling and business development in life sciences. During his career of 25 years in life science field, he covered various senior positions in project management, innovation management, business development and general management in private and public organizations. In addition, Fabrizio has been lecturing entrepreneurship at universities, and has been leading start-up accelerators, incubators, and technology parks. 


Specialty course: Understanding commercial potential, market & competition analysis, business modelling and market entry.

Aurelija Galvelyte_edited.jpg

Aurelija Galvelytė

Investors pitch expert (Lithuania-The Netherlands)

Aurelija is an innovation management expert and a co-founder of 2AM Health. She brings an extensive international experience in life science start-up acceleration and innovation program management. Aurelija has been supporting life science and healthtech start-ups for a number of years, helping them access expert networks, fundraising, business modelling and other topics. Aurelija coaches life science start-ups on how to prepare pitch and investors' slide decks.

Tatjana Ivaskiene_edited.jpg

Tatjana Ivaškienė

Innovation transfer, preclinical and clinical research, advanced therapies, regulatory science, and data protection expert (Lithuania)

Tatjana is a dynamic leader with over 20 years of experience in medicine, research, and regulatory affairs. Currently excelling as the General Manager at the Center for Innovative Medicine (IMC), a State Research Institute at the forefront of healthcare innovation, her influence extends to the European Medicines Agency. There, she serves as an expert, contributing valuable insights to shape the future of medicine.

Laurynas karpus.jpg

Laurynas Karpus

Technology development, marketing and B2B sales expert (Lithuania)

Laurynas Karpus is the co-founder and CEO of the synthetic biology company Biomatter. Biomatter has developed an AI-driven platform that transforms the way new enzymes are designed. Biomatter enables the ability to build biological solutions for critical global challenges efficiently and accelerates the transition to a sustainable and healthy world for humans and the planet. Recognising this innovative work, the business magazine Forbes featured Laurynas and co-founders in the 30 Under 30 list, acknowledging their potential to bring transformation to the fields of science and healthcare.

Daumantas Matulis.png

Daumantas Matulis

Research and development, patenting expert (Lithuania)

Daumantas is the director at Vilnius University Life Sciences Center, Co-founder of Vilnius University spin-off ThermoPharma Baltics. He has broad experience in pharmaceutical research and development, science-business collaboration, project management, patenting, intelectual property issues and fundraising.

Juozas Nainys.jpg

Juozas Nainys

Research and developement, life-sciences growth and start-up financing expert (Lithuania)

Juozas Nainys, PhD is the CEO and co-founder of Atrandi Biosciences, a company that is pioneering cutting-edge technologies in the field of life sciences. The company’s unique liquid handling technology is enabling researchers to gain deep and precise insights into individual cells, providing answers to biologists’ most pressing questions and advancing the development of new and effective therapies for a wide range of diseases. Under Juozas’s leadership, the company has already developed and released multiple hardware, consumable and reagent kit products to market and is demonstrating impressive traction with >50% YoY revenue growth for multiple years in a row.

Nienke Lubben_edited.jpg

Nienke Lubben

Patent Attorney (UK)

Nienke's expertise encompasses a diverse range of life sciences' areas where she handles all patent related matters including preparing patent applications, prosecuting patent applications before the EPO and UKIPO, managing worldwide patent prosecution, FTO, strategic reviews, due diligence, and validity opinions and others. Nienke has considerable experience working with universities and spin-out companies, start-ups but also mature companies within life science and healthtech industry.
Specialty course: Intellectual Property for life sciences

Aline Noizet_edited.jpg

Aline Noizet

Fundraising expert (Spain)

Aline is fundraising expert and brings extensive knowledge on what it takes for a start-up to raise money and how to do it best, thanks to her direct experience working in start-up support programs and accelerators as well as investment funds/venture capitals. She has been building international health innovation ecosystems and supporting healthtech and digital health start-ups in Europe and at the global level.

Specialty course: Funding sources and fundraising 

Monika Nair.jpg

Monika Nair

Innovation management expert (Lithuania-Sweden)

Monika is an innovation management expert and a co-founder of 2AM Health, where she consults life science start-ups and related organizations on the topics of product commercialization, fundraising, and creation and implementation of acceleration programs. Monika holds a PhD degree from Chalmers university of technology (Sweden) and continues her research at Halmstad university (Sweden) on how to facilitate adoption of AI technologies in healthcare sector. Monika has been working with a number of Lithuanian and foreign start-ups on their product commercialization and fundraising and is involved as a jury member in multiple start-up acceleration programs.

Gediminas Pauliukevicius_.png

Gediminas Pauliukevičius

Business developement, investment and innovation management expert (Lithuania)

Gediminas is CEO at Northtown Vilnius, the Operator of Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park dedicated exclusively to the development of innovative business. He will be able to share his broad experience, accumulated throughout years of practice in strategic planning, entrepreneurship, project and innovation management, investment strategies, science-business collaboration, and infrastructure development.

Audrius Zabotka.jpg

Audrius Zabotka

Financing Expert (Lithuania)

Audrius is an expert in business start-up, growth and innovation financing via equity, loans and grants. He has a long term experience and deep knowledge of (re)structuring and attracting financing for various businesses, ecosystem and instruments in Lithuania and EU, including Horizon Europe program. Audrius is skilled in Management, Project Management, Financial Analysis, Strategic and Tactical Business Plans, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Real Estate Development, Negotiations, HR management.



Vilnius University Life Sciences Center
Northtown Vilnius
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7 Saulėtekio Ave, LT- 10257 Vilnius

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